What's inside

Together with our experts, learn how to make lovemaking something you think about on a more regular basis, to begin with the male sexual response cycle to understand his anatomy. Besides that, deal with your emotional blockage to get rid of shame and embarrassment. Lastly, make yourself ready to see how you building up his excitement through oral.

Is that course for you?

The beginner course is for any young individual or couple who is struggling with pleasing their partners desire for oral sex, or might not know too much about the male anatomy. If you're unsure of where to start with treating your man orally, this course is great to start building confidence, learning how to communicate with your man and performing oral sex that's easy, simple, effective and fun.

Learning Units

- Oral sex and relationships
- The basics of male anatomy
- Male arousal cycle
- Safety and protection
- Debunking Myths
- Giving pleasure
- Introduction how to clear out your emotional blockage, get rid of shame and embarrassment
- How to make sex something you think about on a more regular basis
- Introduction how to talk about sex with your partner
- Why do men love receiving oral sex?
- A positive talk on how to feel confident and secure giving head
- The insecurities and anxieties men sometimes feel around oral sex
- A guide on how his body feels during oral sex
- Different positions to try out and how they feel
- A guide to his basic erogenous areas
- Balls, Butts and Bits!
- Simple, Easy and Effective Hand and Mouth techniques
- Pacing the encounter
- Basic 69ing


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